February 2011

Healthy Smoothies for Natural Detox

You may have heard about detox or detoxifying your body to remove toxins, pesticide residues, chemicals and heavy metals. You will find commercially available supplements for detox, but are they really necessary? After all, if your liver and kidneys are healthy, they will do the job of purifying your blood. A diet of raw and […]

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Recipes for Healthy Smoothies

It’s ironic that while food is more readily available these days, we are not giving our body the nutrients that it needs. If we want to live a long and healthy life, we have to eat healthy foods and a balanced diet. This means we have to give up highly processed and refined foods that […]

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Healthy Smoothies for Special Diets

People with special dietary needs have to be careful about what they eat. Some people need low carbohydrates while others must follow a dairy free diet. Special diets make it harder to find snacks that will fit your needs. But this is exactly why smoothies are important. Healthy smoothie recipes can be tailored to cater […]

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