Are Smoothies Really Good for You?

Are Smoothies Good For You?

Millions of people indulge in smoothies every day, after all it is a delicious guilt-free way to have a little sugar with your vegetables and fruits. But there is one question that is often asked, “are smoothies good for you”?

While healthy ingredients are included in most smoothies, there are some ingredients which might not be as beneficial as you think. Simple ingredients that have no additives, like sugars, whipped creams, and even fruit juices, are perhaps the best for you to consume on a daily basis. However, without adding additional sugar the flavor of pure fruits and vegetables might not be as appealing as you are accustomed to.

Smoothies for the Picky Eater

Smoothies are a particularly useful way to incorporate fruits and vegetables that otherwise you might not be able to eat. Masking the taste of these foods with some of your favorite fruits and vegetables is a great way to trick your taste buds into a healthy alternative to fresh fruits or vegetables you shy away from.

For the small child who has difficulty eating their fruits or vegetables smoothies are particularly useful to mothers and fathers. Hiding those ‘inedible’ foods in a smoothie that is accompanied by some of their favorite fruits can actually work to hide the taste of vegetables, and your child will drink their vegetables without even knowing. In this case getting your child to eat his vegetables is a great thing, just as long as the sugar levels of the smoothie is not too high.

Smoothie Ingredients to Say No To

The only way to determine how good a smoothie really is for you is by understanding the exact ingredients that make the delicious smoothie you are drinking. Here are some common ingredients to avoid in your smoothies:

  • Caramel
  • Whole Milk
  • Whipped Cream

While adding these ingredients to your smoothie may be tempting, they are eliminating all the healthy benefits that a smoothie should really have.

To directly answer the question of whether or not smoothies are good for you or not, the answer is really in your hands. A smoothie can be as healthy or as unhealthy as you make it to be. One thing to keep in mind is that blending a smoothie at home allows you to explore your creativity and your taste buds, adding ingredients that you need to stay healthy but might not think of eating alone is a great way to stay healthy but create a great tasting drink.

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