Green Smoothies to Detox Your Body

Green smoothies are exceptionally nutritious drinks made with fruits and fresh greens or powdered greens added.  If you want to consume more leafy greens in your diet, a green smoothie is the way to go.  These power drinks provide loads of vitamins and minerals that your body is craving.  They’re also a convenient and delicious way to remove toxins from your body.

Importance of Detox

Over the years, toxins, pesticide residues, preservatives and other harmful chemicals accumulate in the body.  Your liver and kidneys do the job of removing these harmful substances but they could also use a little help.  A poor diet consisting mainly of fatty and salty foods hinders your body’s natural ability to purge and cleanse your system.  A detoxification program will remove toxins and enhance your body’s healing abilities.

Green Smoothies for Detox

Green smoothies are useful for deeply cleansing the body.  People who detox often lose excess weight and experience increased energy.  Detoxification also improves the condition of your skin and hair.  By adding green smoothies to your diet, you’ll get a nutritional boost to purify your system.

You’ll get the best results if you drink your smoothie alone on an empty stomach.  This will also prevent bloating and indigestion that may result from the high fiber content of the smoothie.  Experiment and determine the best time for you to drink your green smoothie.

Use the Right Blender

Leafy greens can be difficult to blend unless you have a powerful blender.  Naturally, you’ll want your smoothie to be as creamy and nutritious as possible.  A professional blender can break up fruits and vegetables more easily.  However, don’t let the absence of a professional blender stop you from enjoying the benefits of a green smoothie detox.  Use whatever blender you have.