Healthy Snacks for Adults: Homemade Smoothies

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Snacks are important because they satisfy your hunger between meals and prevent hypoglycemia. They also provide additional nutrients. Snacking on the wrong foods, however, can lead to extra calories with very little real nutrition. If you want a wholesome healthy snack for adults, healthy homemade smoothies should be your number one option.

Most people these days lead busy lifestyles. Oftentimes we don’t have the time to prepare nutritious meals for our family, much less healthy snacks. Store-bought snacks are usually high in calories and chemical preservatives but low in nutrients. They can also be expensive.

Healthy smoothies are a popular way to provide nutritious snack foods for the whole family. Everybody likes them because they are tasty, refreshing and easy to prepare. With a good blender, you can have smoothies for everyone in less than ten minutes.

Why Smoothies are Healthy

Smoothies are made with whole fruits and milk, fruit juice or other healthy liquids. Some smoothie recipes even include vegetables in them. Fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals. They also contain phytonutrients, antioxidants and enzymes.

You can add milk, yogurt, soy milk, tofu, protein powder and other healthy ingredients to your smoothie. This delicious beverage can be an excellent source of protein, calcium and healthy fats.

How to Make Healthy Smoothies

Smoothies are easy to make. You will need fruits of your choice and a liquid such as milk or fruit juice. You can use fresh or frozen fruits. Ice, preferably crushed, can be added to make your beverage colder and thicker.

To make your smoothie, put all the ingredients in a blender and blend until the mixture is creamy and thick.
You can also add nutritional supplements such as protein powder, flaxseed oil, wheat germ, chia seed, nuts, etc. Ground cinnamon, vanilla extract and other flavors can also be added.

If you need a sweetener, you can use brown sugar or maple syrup. Some people use stevia, a natural sweetener available in health shops, but I recommend honey over all sweeteners.

Remember, these kind of healthy snacks are not only valid for adults, but for kids too. Healthy smoothies provide you an easy way of having a lot of nutrients, so don’t forget about them whenever you feel hungry.