Share your recipes!

by Javi

Share your recipes

Today I want to publish a different kind of post. I’ve been throwing recipes and tips since the beginning of this site and I think I’ve written enough, so today I want to try a distinct thing.

I love giving information, but I think this time is your turn.

Long story short,  I want you to leave a comment with your favourite recipe. That’s all. Easy, right?

Just submit your recipe and contribute improving the health of the members of our community.

If you like, I can help you making it healthier an tastier.

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Linda Malnati

Hi i’m happy to share with you my healthy recipe, which my family Loves. here it goes. I use 1 med plain yogurt, frozen Bluberries slightly frozen and 1-1/2 cups of silk milk. to sweeten it a little i use 2packetts of Equal. my husband is Diabetic and this works great for us. quite tasty.

Linda Malnati.



That’s awesome, Linda! Thanks a lot!

Berries are among the best fruits for smoothies. Excellent choice.



My recipe is something very simple and kids love it.1 banana 1 cup of low fat milk one spoonful of oatmeal mix two tablespoons of chocolate milk powder and a dash of cinnamon, blend till smooth then add ice (this makes one serving)NO SUGAR ,its naturally sweet



I love bananas for smoothies. Delicious!

Thanks for stopping by


Lisa Downing

Here’s one I made up yesterday: (All measurements are approximate)
100gm raw green cabbage, cut up
100gm raw carrot, peeled, sliced
1 apple peeled, cored, and sliced
1/2 navel orange peeled, cut up
1/4 inch fresh ginger, cut in 2 or 3 pieces

Put all in blender. Add water 1/4 cup at a time until smooth. This is delicious and I’ll be making it often since I pulled a muscle or ligament in my jaw eating biscotti. Yeah, I know, I started dunking it in my tea after the fact.


Dwayne S

Hello, just wanted to share this recipe. Handful of spinach, one plain vanilla yogurt, about half a cup blueberries, half cup strawberries, water (probably about 2 cups) last time i substituted almond milk instead of water. I like both. I made this up but was wondering if anyone has an idea how healthy it is? trying to make a super healthy, and tasty smoothie. I love trying different things, any ideas or improvements surely welcome


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