3 Sure (and Healthy) ways to make them love you: Smoothies for Kids

Smoothies for Kids

It is often difficult to get children to eat enough fruits and vegetables every day.  It was a pain for me, actually. That’s why smoothies should be part of their daily diet.  Healthy smoothie recipes provide a way for parents to sneak a few fruits and vegetables in a delicious and refreshing drink.  Smoothies are so nutritious that they are often called a “meal in a glass.”

The variations in smoothie recipes are practically endless.  You can add any kind of fruit you like.  Fruit combinations are also possible.  In addition, you can add any vegetable of your choice.  Milk, yogurt, ice cream, tofu, fruit juices and other ingredients can be added to the smoothie.  You can always come up with a smoothie combination to tempt the pickiest eater.

Why Smoothies Are Healthy For Children

Homemade smoothies are healthy for children as well as adults because of all the good things you can put in them.  Let me give you some ideas that you’ll love:

  1. Berries.  Although berries are small, they are packed with Vitamin c, antioxidants and phytonutrients to prevent illnesses and keep the body healthy.  Berries also help fight cholesterol and improve the circulatory system.
  2. Fruits.  Bananas provide natural sweetness, Vitamin C and potassium.  They are also good sources of fiber and help thicken your smoothie.  Brightly colored fruits contain plenty of antioxidants, lycopene, Vitamin A and Vitamin C.  Citrus fruits are also high in Vitamin C and help ward off colds and flu.
  3. Vegetables.  Vegetables can also go in a smoothie.  Carrots add sweetness as well as carotenes for good vision and protection against cardiovascular diseases.  Spinach and kale are rich in antioxidants and vitamins.  Tomatoes contain lycopene that protects against cancer.
  4. Super foods and other ingredients.  Smoothies can be tailored to suit certain tastes and dietary requirements.  You can add wheat germ, chia seeds, flaxseed oil, oats, and wheatgrass.  These foods add fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.  They also help build the immune system.