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What Makes It Special?

Most smoothie recipe books contain yogurt or milk. “Smoothies for Optimum Health” is filled with over 165 recipes that are gluten-free and dairy free. The smoothie recipes are healthy, tasty, and 99% to 100% raw. With ingredients that include goji berries, acai berries, coconut water, dulse, nori, raw cacao, and other superfoods, this recipe e-book is like no other. The recipes are for smoothies that the health experts themselves drink in their daily lifestyle.

Who Are The Contributors?

Contributors to the Smoothies for Optimum Health ebook are health and fitness experts and dietitians who advocate raw foods in the diet. They include Victoria Boutenko, Nomi Shannon, Anthony Anderson, Brendan Brazier, Dr. Doug Graham, Steve Meyorowitz, Ani Phyo, Nomi Shannon, and many more.

Health Benefits Of Smoothies

In the introduction, Kevin Gianni talks about the health benefits of smoothies, especially those recipes that use raw ingredients. Blending the ingredients in a raw smoothie breaks up the fruits and vegetables so that the nutrients are more easily assimilated by the body. Smoothies boost your energy levels and offer a nutrient-packed drink that will help your body function better. Smoothies can also help you lose weight.

The smoothie recipes in “Smoothies for Optimum Health” can help you:

  • Increase your energy level
  • Detoxify your body
  • Lose weight
  • Build muscle and strength

Smoothies for Optimum Health” Review

For people who want a healthier lifestyle but don’t know where to begin, this smoothie recipe ebook is the right place to start. The recipes are specially designed for optimum health. At least 99% of the ingredients used are raw, thus providing the best possible nutrition. Kevin Gianni recommends the use of organic foods whenever possible. Although these are more expensive, their health benefits are unsurpassed.

The smoothie recipe book provides general instructions on how to make a smoothie. This is helpful especially to people who have never made smoothies before. Even long-time smoothie drinkers can benefit from the tips offered by Kevin.

Kevin Gianni also has some tips for those who are just starting with smoothies. He recommends preparing a recipe that requires only a couple of ingredients. Those who are new to smoothies are also advised to start with a fruit-based recipe. Fruit smoothies are delicious and they provide a delightful way to introduce people to this health drink.

Well Organized

The recipe book Smoothies for Optimum Health is well organized, well written, and easy to read. In the Introduction, Kevin Gianni talks about the inspiration behind the book and what makes it special. He also talks about the health benefits of smoothies and tips on making a smoothie.

Smoothie recipes are categorized as fruit smoothies, green smoothies, and elixirs or superfood smoothies. There is a chapter for each category of smoothie recipe. Fruit smoothies are not necessarily made of fruits alone, and green smoothies may contain ingredients other than leafy greens. Smoothie recipes are categorized based on the primary ingredients. Recipes may be fruit-based or greens-based. Thus, a fruit smoothie may include some leafy greens in it.

Chapter 1 contains recipes of Fruit Smoothies for energy, vitality and strength. In Chapter 2, you will find recipes for Green Smoothies for optimum health, healing and calm. Chapter 3 has recipes for Elixir Smoothies for detox, clarity, and superhuman powers.

Alternatives for hard-to-find ingredients

A number of recipes in “Smoothies for Optimum Health” contain unfamiliar ingredients. There is always a description and explanation for uncommon or unfamiliar ingredients such as acai berry, miso, tahini, nori, kale, E3Live, etc. Many of these ingredients can be found in specialty health stores while some can be ordered online.

If certain ingredients are hard to find in your area, Kevin suggests alternatives or substitutes for the ingredients.


  • Well-organized; it’s easy to find the recipe you want
  • Smoothie recipes are dairy-free, gluten-free, and at least 99% raw
  • Detailed smoothie instructions are easy to follow
  • Includes quick and easy tips
  • Includes recipes of smoothies that health experts drink
  • Plenty of new ideas for smoothie recipes


  • Some ingredients are hard to find

What Customers Say

For people who are serious about their health, “Smoothies for Optimum Health” provides a handy guide to good health. The recipes are ideal for everyone, including vegetarians and vegans and at $19.95, the recipe ebook is hard to resist.

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