5 Little-Known Tips to Make Delicious Smoothies with Yogurt

Smoothies with Yogurt

For months, I tried to make perfect smoothies with yogurt with poor results. I’m sure you have felt the same as me: “hum…it’s not bad, BUT could be better”. The fact is, after doing lots of research and testing, I found out some tricks that will make your tongue explode with the taste of well done smoothies with yogurt.

Keep on reading to discover them.

1. Blend the fruits long enough, but not too long

This might be the best kept secret of blending fruit smoothies with yogurt. When you start researching information about how to make smoothies at home, like I did, one of the first things you are going to read about is how blending fruits helps unleashing their hidden power. But, what is that power?

While blending, fruits are reduced to liquid and in that process the internal molecular bonds are broken into smaller pieces. That way, your body assimilates all the nutrients faster and in a proper manner. The more blended the fruits are, the better for your body.

But that’s not the only benefit. When you blend your fruits, their taste reaches a new level, because you’re liberating all the flavours contained in them.

But, the hint here is that you cannot blend your fruits too long, because when your fruits are mixed, air is added to the mixture too, and your elements will oxidize quickly because of the effect of oxygen, making them lose nutrients and properties.

If you don’t have one of those famous blenders, such as Vitamix or Blendtec, cut your fruits in smaller chunks and add them to your blender glass, putting first the fruits with the highest content of water, such as oranges, melon or apples.

That way, your fruits will be reduced to ‘dust’ easily.

2. Use honey instead of sugar

Honey has a higher sweetener power than sugar and provides vitamins and minerals. Besides, sugar is often defined as empty calories, because of the lack of those important nutrients.

You already know that honey is actually better than sugar, so make use of this information and move from one to another.

3. When possible, use plain natural yogurt

This is my favourite one :) I love natural foods and choosing plain natural yogurt is a nice way of, again, enhancing the taste of your fruits within your smoothie. Most of not-plain yogurts have all kind of artificial flavourings and colorants to make them colourful and tasteful, but these condiments are far from healthy.

My recommendation is: if you want your yogurt to taste like coconut, add coconut milk to your smoothie. If you want a touch of vanilla, don’t add a vanilla flavoured yogurt. Add a bit of vanilla powder instead.

4. Avoid water or ice

Please, make yourself a favor and keep water and ice away. I’m sure you’ve never thought of adding ice cubes to a glass of milk. This is the same. Most of fruits already have a high content in water, and that’s enough to keep your smoothies cold, if your fruits were into the fridge.

Instead of using (soy) milk, when possible, make use of natural fruit juices. Orange or pineapple juices are fantastic options, but you can use other fruits too.

Did you know you can make natural pomegranate juice the same way you make orange juice? Just cut and squeeze them. Your fruit smoothies with yogurt will be superb.

5. Try Greek Yogurt

Have you ever thought about using different sorts of yogurt such as Greek Yogurt? Greek Yogurt has became very popular lately and I must admit that I love it.

Greek Yogurt will make your fruit smoothies thicker and has higher levels of protein than plain yogurt, so you’ll be having extra energy. Don’t miss the chance to try it.

Bonus tip: Drink them at breakfast

Everybody knows breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And I promise that drinking fruit smoothies with yogurt every single morning will boost the beginning of your days.

You’ll feel full of energy and will forget about eating junk food for the rest of the morning. And your health will thank you some day.

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